AT&T And It is Princess Di's words (She can be allowed to voice, because I am the only one openly yelled out honestly hatelessly my agreement with the Ghost that she died "Jway.Yo.Inn.The") that any your sucking AT&T worker dare leave your office desk empty behind while anyone of your customer must still have to 酒店經紀rely on your AT&T sucking rich and power money tool to write to talk to voice, you must have to dare face your more miserable die out than Princess Di experienced. (4/18/2011 3:38AM Texas time) ; and all AT&T share holder (You dare 烤肉食材tool lifeless money to make living, to build up rich, to gain power or force, you have to make sure that yourself can keep awake lifelessly like your lifeless money not ever need to sleep, not ever need to eat or drink, can still be cared, loved lifeless 房屋買賣ly like Egypt rich and famous "Moon.9.1" showed in any rich and famous museum), CEO, and/or anyone working for AT&T ranked higher than that empty desk ranked, must have to die more miserable than that empty desk supposed seated AT&T worker. Your company make money day and n 情趣用品ight around the world, your company office must have to open day and night to service anyone of your customer any bit of need around the world. Every time when I suffer, you rich, famous, powerful, forceful, must have to pay your due, not if but when, not mention anyone who is even poorer than me 小型辦公室, must already suffered must be the crime that you all sucking rich powerful forceful must have to pay. That how you rich, powerful, forceful, must have to stop anyone who is less rich less powerful less forceful than you from giving any birth before it become too late to do like that; even you sucking rich powerful 新成屋 forceful cannot afford to give birth, not mention those less rich less powerful less forceful than you. 1. You have no right to make money at anyone of your customer's any bit of frustration, not mention to make anyone of them to wait on the line, not mention to mad anyone of them to waste anyone of their time on line at anyone of their 宜蘭民宿 homes. 2.You have no right to sell or charge any hardware or software that must use to call or log on through any your line. You are the biggest communication company, you cannot have the best will hottest mankind, you dare be the biggest, you should be killed before any less big than you die out.Why you must not make money at any intellectual? Because if 開幕活動you do that best integrity intellectual can only starve to die, those smart smarter smartest can only on purposely solve one for you the same time to create bigger one to force you to pay more to hire anyone of them to solve, then that solve can only created another bigger one to force you to pay more to hire more of them to solve...., like you sucking western doctor and hospital 房地產to make you to give more birth of lie to create more sick weak wicked for them to get more lifeless path and stick to make more lifeless money to make deep deeper deepest dark darker darkest hells to lock you all money animal inside your own most miserable nightmare endlessly no way out. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒肉朋友  .
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