BAILOUT; FEDS BECOME LARGEST SHAREHOLDER BAILOUT; FEDS BECOME LARGEST SHAREHOLDER (drudgereport obviously too stup 房屋出租id to see this is a most serious alarming siren Bell) 建築設計China Communist need to tell USA White House that their FEDS must have no right 禮服to be any shareholder, not only Feds must have no right to use tax payers money to buy any share(Because 票貼 it commit serious Chinese said "Tool.Lead.Tar.Ren" crime), but also FEDS must have no right to hire any one to make money fr 代償om anyone (Because it commit "Yu.Mean.Zheng.Lead" crime). You have to watch those sahreholders gone with wind, then order your military (Because 酒店兼職only military can have the big muscle to fit "Ren.Jean.7.才" mean and way.) to take over that company to run, then submit the red or blue cash balance to have gove 長灘島rnment to keep pockets.To deal with evil doers full in your Capitalism, you have to kill any shareholder(Therefore, if you FEDS dare become largest shareholder, that must mean your entire 酒店工作 USA FEDS must be killed, that must mean your USA must be pieces away, no way to be an United States.) who own any bailout stock, so that to make the path to see every shareholder to sell out their stock unconditionally 酒肉朋友to the ground zero to make that company become the burden need your military force to carry that burden up.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 賣屋  .
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